Where Grey Matter meets Dark Matter

Cosmic Tea Party was created with the intention of providing a podcast for those who wish to feel like they're drinking tea in space.

Nini, better known as the Sciborg, or the webdemon, is the master of the universe. Part scientist, part machine, she was found in a lab belonging to one of Aristotle Kristatos' henchmen, and reprogrammed to use her powers for science.

Nadine recently left her secret career as Wonderwoman in order to pursue a more wholesome life in the underground racing circuit. She quickly became known for her daring manoeuvre of pretending to stall for half a minute before revving up and racing past the others in a cloud of green smoke. Nobody ever managed to find out why it was green. When questioned, she only says "That's a trick of the trade". Lately she spends most of her days starting edit wars on Wikipedia.

Chris and Anthony, brothers since birth, except for a short period when Chris' membership expired and he forgot to apply for a new card for a number of months (the bureaucracy involved in being Anthony's brother is staggering, but Chris assures me it is worth it), were raised in an alleyway behind a seedy nightclub in Mexico. Their teenage rebellious phase caused them both to disappoint their parents greatly by deciding to become scientists. Then Anthony changed his mind and became a mathematician instead. These days they spend most of their time hunched over whiskey and doughnuts debating fervently whether carbon nanotubes really exist. Sometimes with each other.

Emma began her career as a witchdoctor on a planet in the Andromeda galaxy. When the flipping of the magnetic poles caused gravitational anomalies and her world to literally turn upside down, she packed up her bag of potions and collection of miniature opera-singing coyotes and teleported to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, where she befriended the mermaids which, contrary to popular opinion, exist there. Her greatest achievement is a string of cheese which to this day stretches from her current residence in a cave in the Australian Alps to the south pole of the moon.

Sanjeev Veloo is the hip cat responsible for CTP's cosmic beats. For more of his work point and click here.

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