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Latest Episode - 26 March 2011

Bushfires are bad, but it looks like they might have been much worse in the distant past. The dinosaurs faced some veritable infernos, which just may have been the end of them.

The silicon revolution is more than just the latest in adult entertainment, it's why we can carry around phenomenal computing power in our pockets for the sole purpose of tweetbooking. We look at semi-conductors and how we turned the innocuous into the indispensible.

A very femme quiz this week.

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Cosmic Tidbit - Seahorses

There are some really cool critters in the ocean. Seahorses might be the coolest. Averaging about 15cm tall, they are a carnivorous fish and also monogomous.

They have a number of quirks, one being that the male is the bearer of the young. But a less-known fact is that they have no stomach. They suck in plankton with their snout and it passes straight through their digestive system. This means that they can't store the food and get energy out of it slowly over time, so they need to eat constantly.

You may know people like this, but I'll bet they're not as cute as seahorses are.

Source: National Geographic

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